Do you love Aylesbury? Do you live or work here? Date here! 

No matter whether you’re a devoted patriot, just looking for a bunch of people to go out with or searching for someone to enjoy a cup of coffee and a concert with, you’re in the right place! Finally, all people from the Aylesbury area have their own online space! We’re a modern online dating website focused purely on people in Aylesbury and its surroundings. This dating service combines features of social media (like Facebook, for example) and traditional dating services. The sign-up is free, so why not give it a try right now? Practically all single people in the Aylesbury area have already signed up. No matter if you're from Bedgrove or Southcourt, you can join them now! 




OK, but what makes this dating service special, and what do users pay for?

We have a history of great results. We've had many matches, and the value of our service largely lies in us not being afraid to differ significantly from others.

How, exactly?

We are a local dating website focusing on long-term relationships

As a local dating service, we try to match people who live in the Aylesbury area. According to our research, simple territorial targeting gives users a 400% increase in their chances of getting a real date. The counterpart you contacted does not live in a remote corner of the country, and the acquaintance may develop beyond writing messages to each other. Our system offers a far better likelihood than any other of an acquaintance being converted into a real date and a long-term relationship. It may take a while, though. We try to accept people who are serious about dating. Therefore, it’s impossible to view other members' profiles unless the user has uploaded their own photo and filled their own profile. After the trial membership, only paid members may browse other members' profiles. This allows us to effectively filter out people who are actually not serious about dating.

Most of us don’t look like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or some other Hollywood star. That's why looking for a partner requires time and patience. Don't get discouraged if you haven't found anyone longing for you after the first search and sending a few messages. During the long-term membership, a large number of new users and potential partners in your age group will appear. You only need to keep on looking and be proactive. Return to the website regularly to check on the newcomers and see who liked you (and if it's mutual). The quicker you contact the newcomers, the higher your chances that they will respond and contact you. Anyway, you'll miss out on a lot if you don’t come back regularly.

We invest a lot in your profile visibility

Unlike free dating sites (cluttered with a large number of empty profiles), we can ensure you that your profile will have a large audience of potential counterparts during your paid membership period. How can we manage that? Because we have devised a unique concept of actively promoting our members' profiles on social media (FB) and search engines. Using these tools, we manage to keep a steady stream of new users flowing to our website. No free dating site can provide your profile with an audience as reliable as ours. That doesn’t mean that we never promote free users, though. Quite the opposite! We promote all users who have uploaded their profile photo and shared interesting information in their profile. Believe it or not, our prime aim is to find your dream partner on our website. Of course, the financial income of the dating service is also vital. Otherwise, we’d never be able to invest in promoting your profile or ensure smooth operation of the website. However, income is really not the first thing on our mind.



We keep you in the picture

We always let you know that someone new in your age group has registered, or that someone liked your photo, etc. You receive a lot of information via email. If you dislike this form of communication, you can simply switch off emailing yourself in the Settings section of your account. After that, you'll see only the important news about new members, photos and who liked you inside the dating website.

We provide unique features

Our dating website has a unique design that we have been tweaking for several years. We provide you with many features you won’t find elsewhere. We give you comprehensive lists of users who liked you, of newly registered users from your age group or users who uploaded new photos. The Search section enables you to find potential partners on a map or filter them according to your likes. So, for example, you may set the tool to show you only users with photos, or active users, etc. Moreover, our dating website is fully optimized for your mobile, so you can check what's new on the website anytime.

Customer support is paramount

There’s always a real person you can contact if you have a problem or question. Just click Support at the bottom. We typically react within 24 hours after receiving a query.




“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.” — Anthony Robbins